Trendy On A Budget

Looking good shouldn't cost that much!


RayBan_Vince_Old Navy_Rebecca Minkoff_DV (2)It’s Summer. But I can’t shake this feeling that Fall will suddenly be here. Maybe it’s the darker mornings and crisp air that are reminiscent of the early days of Fall. Or the in-your-face Fall fashion splashed all over the magazines. How about the Fall-inspired outfits covering the mannequins in stores? Taking these cues, I figured it might be time to start picking out pieces that will swiftly take me from this season to the next.
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Wrap Me Up

Banana Republic_J.Crew_Steven by Steve Madden_Chanel_coverAs of late, I have been waking up in a state of confusion. What day is it? It can’t possibly be Monday already! Maybe it’s a holiday (wishful thinking)? I think the wedding planning is starting to catch up to me; lots on my mind, ya know? T minus (less than) 3 months. Yikes! Getting dressed for work is a whole other situation I’ve been struggling with. I’m so tired, I just start grabbing things out of my closet and hope for the best. But lucky for me, there is such a thing as an insta-outfit that requires zero effort. Huzzah, the wrap dress!
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Gold West Vintage Shoot

lilly pulitzer_goldwestvintage (2) - crop


I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to drape myself in vintage jewels while being photographed by one of my fellow #BostonBlogger, Elissa of Style Wire. The jewels were provided by Lynn Armstrong of Gold West Vintage, who travels all over the country searching for one of a kind and designer vintage pieces. She has amassed a beautiful collection and I just wanted ALL of them!

In keeping with the vintage theme, I rifled through my closet and pulled some of my favorite dresses for the shoot. The hardest part was styling the outfits due to the sheer amount of jewels: trays upon trays and containers upon containers!

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Nice Lens

Ray Ban_Calico_Gap_Mia_coverAs I was getting ready to head out the door, I got scolded. “Take that off immediately” said the mister.  He was appalled and insulted. How could I possibly wear a Nikon when we shoot with a Canon (#cannonforlife)?  My rebuttal:  “But it’s cute!” He just shook his head in disbelief.
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