Trendy On A Budget

Looking good shouldn't cost that much!

Big Girl Pants

Equipment_Bauble Bar_Loft_Arturo Chiang_coverReality hurts; especially coming off of two back to back trips. A weekend in the Jersey Shore followed by a few nights in Puerto Rico. Soaking up the sun, sleeping in and putting the wedding diet on the back burner. Not a care in the world. Now it’s back to the daily grind. Time to focus, kick butt and take names! Ok, so maybe more like answer emails, attend meetings and check things off my to-do list.
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Bird Lady

SheInside_Loft_Soludos_coverThe struggle of a wasted outfit is real. Two weekends ago, Dan and I headed for the Jersey Shore. As we were packing the night before, I gave him ample notice that I wanted to shoot a few quick outfit photos before we left for the airport. He agreed. So I carefully curated an outfit that I’d wear straight to the airport and onto our final destination.
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RayBan_Vince_Old Navy_Rebecca Minkoff_DV (2)It’s Summer. But I can’t shake this feeling that Fall will suddenly be here. Maybe it’s the darker mornings and crisp air that are reminiscent of the early days of Fall. Or the in-your-face Fall fashion splashed all over the magazines. How about the Fall-inspired outfits covering the mannequins in stores? Taking these cues, I figured it might be time to start picking out pieces that will swiftly take me from this season to the next.
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