Trendy On A Budget

Looking good shouldn't cost that much!


Prada_Gap_Bauble Bar_Heart and Sole_Club Monaco_HM_Tory Burch_coverI don’t know about you, but I am a big online shopper. No lines, no people, no fuss.  I can shop on my own terms, in my pajamas, if need be. However, there was a bit of a void when it came to some of my favorite local boutiques. With my free time becoming non-existent as of late, popping into these boutiques have not been easy. Speaking from a blogging perspective, there have been times I wish I could link directly to any one of the boutiques’ products. Low and behold, Boutikey has solved the problem! I am a big fan of the Boutikey app, which allows shoppers to earn points at their fave boutiques to ultimately unlock an in-store reward. If you haven’t already, download the app! Any-hoo, Boutikey recently launched their ecommerce site:
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I Heart NYC

Prada_Gap_Bauble Bar_Antik Denim_DV_coverLast weekend, many fashionistas flocked to NYC for Fashion Week. I too hopped on a train and made my way to the big apple with my friend Beth. However, my agenda differed from many of my blogger friends. With work and a wedding that is just around the bend, I needed a break and some serious girlfriend time. I was at fashion week in spirit and lived vicariously through others’ Instagram of their NYFW shenanigans. Thanks for the live pics and tweets, ladies!
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H&M_L&T_Bauble Bar_Loft_Botkier_Steven_coverWhen it comes to dressing for work, I keep with the classic silhouettes. With the hot temps outside and the very cold temps in the office, a three piece suit does the trick. Erring on the side of being boring, I always look for pieces with some embellishment. A zipper here, a hint of print there and a pop of color always does the trick! I like to bring some pizzaz into cube land.
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It’s A Cinch

Prada_Old Navy_Loft_Rebecca Minkoff_Dolce Vita_coverHow is it already September?! It always saddens me a bit, when we pass the Labor Day mark. It only means that Fall is just around the corner. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Fall fashion, but I am just not ready for the Summer to end. Based on the forecast, all signs point to a few more warmer days. So don’t stow away your shorts just yet, ladies! Keep on baring those gams!
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