Wood Watch

Jord_peace When it comes to timepieces, I only have two. One has a quilted black strap with a rectangular gold face while the other is a two toned (silver & gold) metal watch my parents gave me on my 21st birthday. Needless to say, I am picky when it comes to watches. I like them simple and neutral, allowing me to pair it easily with whatever I am wearing. However, sometimes I'll go watch-less when my outfit is much too casual for either watch. So, I've been on an intermittent hunt for a more casual watch for those off-duty days. Leave it to fate when Jord, maker of wood watches, reached out with an opportunity to collaborate. Jord has a variety of styles for men and women, ranging from simple faces to colored ones, tick markers to Swarovski markers and varying degrees of grain contrast. The great thing about ordering a watch from Jord is that you can size your wrist (make sure to follow their "SIZE THIS WATCH FOR ME"). But do not fret if the watch is too big. I was able to go to a local jeweler to remove one link for me. If too small, you can also order extra links. #worryfree.

I decided to go with a wrist watch from the Fieldcrest Series (in zebrawood & maple). I love its simplicity and color. I felt like I could easily pair it with many of my casual outfits, and I have! What I love most about this watch is how light it is. I've been test driving it for a few days now and can confirm that I made the right choice. I received a number of compliments on the watch which also makes me think that a wood watch from Jord would make for a unique gift.

Now it's your turn! Enter for a chance to win a $75 e-voucher to apply to any watch on the website (that's a little over 50% off if you go with a watch in the Fieldcrest Series). Simply click on this link and provide your name and email address. One winner will randomly be chosen by Jord.  The winning e-voucher will expire 1 month after 8/21 (contest end date).

Jord_Wood Watch_Fieldcrest

Jord_Wood Watch

Fieldcrest_wood watch

Jord_Wood Watch

Jord_Fieldcrest_OOTD_wood watch