Trendy On A Budget turns one today!

IMG_2260 Thank you all for coming along on this blogging journey with me and for being so supportive, encouraging and welcoming. This blog was merely an idea a little over a year ago but with huge encouragement from my best friend and fiance, I decided to go for it. Big thanks to the mister for setting me up and becoming my full time photog! Without this guy, the blog wouldn't be nearly as colorful.


This blog has been my creative outlet and a welcome change of pace from my day job. The best thing about this blogging gig? The wonderful friendships I have developed with other bloggers and non-bloggers! I have been warmly received by the Boston (and non-Boston) blogging community; what a group of wonderful ladies! Thank you all for your guidance and support; I've learned so much from you.


Here's to many more fun, fiscally responsible and fashionable years from Trendy On A Budget!

Much Love,