My Sci-scents Experiment

commodity goodsShopping for fragrances is one of my least favorite things to do. I mean, why do I think that selecting a scent based on what it smells like on a piece of cardboard is a good idea? Unfortunately for me, and my wallet, there have been too many times where a full bottle was purchased and after a few wears, I realize that the scent doesn't do it for me. Major fail. I've resorted to stalking the perfume counters for samples, but most of the time, they don't have what I want to try. So, my go to are the rollerballs or travel size fragrances, but it's not the most economical way. What is a guy or gal to do? Enter Commodity Goods! Recently, the co-founder of Commodity Goods reached out and introduced me to the brand. That introduction definitely piqued my interest. Here's the breakdown. First, head over to the website and choose a fitting kit. You can choose 5 scents from the women's or men's collection for $5 or all 10 for $9. Each sample definitely lasts a few wears! Next, take each scent out for a test drive. This truly allows you to figure out what scent fits you. I highly advise keeping a journal. I had such a hard time choosing and my notes helped me narrow it down. Lastly, if you end up purchasing a full size (100ml) of your scent of choice or the Trio (set of 3 10ml sprays), a discount in the price of your fitting kit is applied. It's that simple! Well, choosing your favorite scent will prove to be difficult because most smell pretty darn amazing.

Commodity Goods kindly sent my fiance and I our own fitting kit. Each morning, we would try a new scent and give each other the sniff test. I would log in my planner whether the scent of the day was a yay or nay. This went on for nine days. We repeated the process again, giving the ones we liked a second run. I actually had to go through a third run, before I was able to narrow it down. Here are our favorites:


My top picks: Mimosa, Paper & Dew

his picksHis top picks: Cane, Wool, Paper & Moss

Visit Commodity Goods' IG account and learn how you can save 30% on your purchase by joining the #FragranceTradeUp movement.