Just Do It Later

Westward Leaning_Nasty Gal_C&C_M.Gemi_cover I do not consider myself a procrastinator. Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today? But as I am getting older (I turn 34 this year..eek!), I realize that there are much more important things in life than checking things off my to-do list or stressing out about work. I have my health, family and friends. I am one lucky and thankful gal. So let's throw some caution to the wind! Stop and smell the roses (or peonies). Call your mom. Go to dinner with your friends. Tell your significant other you love them. Feed your dog table scraps. To hell with those lists. It's OK to "Just Do It Later". Who's with me? Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Westward Leaning (Voyager 15 emerald mirrored lenses) via ShopBop.

Ear Crawler: c/o PrettyReckless.

Rings: J.Crew Factory, $5!

Sweatshirt: Nasty Gal, $27. I picked this up on our trip to LA back in May during my shopping trip on Melrose Ave. Great news! Found the exact sweatshirt for $16!

"Shorts": This is actually my C&C romper I found at Marshalls last summer!

Slides: M.Gemi (Gita), $79! I attended a private shopping party for M.Gemi. That meant special event pricing and a gift card to boot. Attending events are a great way to nab savings.

Westward Leaning_Nasty Gal_C&C_M.Gemi

Westward Leaning_Nasty Gal_C&C

Westward Leaning_Nasty Gal_C&C (2)

Westward Leaning_J.Crew Factory