Four Eyes


I've been wearing glasses since the second grade. I was super excited then to go pick out my very first pair. I had an older cousin who had the coolest rose-tinted glasses. She was my idol so I was insistent on picking out a pair exactly like that. As I entered middle school, glasses were SO not cool. Naturally, I begged my parents for contacts. But it wasn't until college when glasses were cool again. The problem is, glasses were and still are quite expensive. It was always a treat when my parents would agree to pay for a pair as a bday / Christmas gift. And since I am blind as a bat, I always opt for high index lens, setting me back at least $300 a pops. Needless to say, accessorizing with glasses was not really an option (says bank account). But low and behold, it IS possible to find on-trend and affordable eye glasses. I was recently introduced to Firmoo, an online eyeglasses store that offers low-cost prescription eyewear, with new arrivals added daily. Now that is truly #trendyonabudget. The online ordering process was super easy but the most important piece of advice I received from customer service, which I am passing to you, was to make sure and ask the eye doc for the PD (pupilary distance). This is uber important as it used to determine the proper lens shape and alignment to your line of vision.

From so many styles, I opted for this gray & pink pair. I was quite impressed by how light they are. The high index lenses were pretty impressive. I was even able to wear them all day long, considering the fact that I tend to get headaches when wearing glasses for hours on end. Now that I have more than on pair of glasses, it's nice to be able to switch back and forth, depending on my mood/ outfit :) Wanna give Firmoo a try? As a new customer, use this link to save 15% off your very first pair. If you order a pair, I'd be curious to hear your feedback.

One more thing! The first 5 people to send an email to and follow me on Instagram will receive a voucher code to save $10 on any frame site-wide. And when a pair can run as low as $19, that's like getting 50% off. Firmoo_front (3)


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While this post was sponsored by Firmoo, opinions are my own.