For Your Eyes Only

Spring 2014Eyewear. An accessory that instantly transforms your look by adding a dash of color, a pop of pattern or a pinch of personality (mood dependent, of course). It's an accessory that defies trends, seasons and gender. It's the most important piece of fashion to own, as it is the first thing someone notices when they look directly at you. On the practical side of things, it can enhance your vision and protect your pretty peepers! Fashion + Function = Winning! Not to mention, it's an accessory where you can get the most bang out of your buck (cost per wear, does that ring a bell?). The go to brand for accessorizing my face? Warby Parker, of course (as seen here, here, here and here)! I love WP's design style: vintage-inspired silhouettes with a modern twist in bold hues and perfected patterns. The Spring 2014 and Palm Canyon Collection (limited edition) definitely kicks things up a notch, which is why I am completely obsessed. The Spring Collection brings to the table 8 new shapes and 6 new colors, and you know I absolutely adore color! And for those who are not completely on-board with change, the Palm Canyon Collection revamps some of WP's fave frames in 5 new patterns. Oh, and the best part about all of this? Certain eyeglasses start as low as $95 and when a pair is sold, WP distributes a pair to someone in need. How can you beat that?

Here are some of my favorite picks for guys and gals from each collection:

Women's Spring Collection







(1) Marcel - Plum Marblewood, $95; (2) Walker - Canton Blue, $95; (3) Quimby - Absinthe, starts at $95, (4)  Reilly - Marzipan Tortoise, starts at $95

 Men's Spring Collection



(1) Burke - Tennessee Whiskey, $95; (2) Kimball - Marzipan Tortoise, $95; (3) Lowry - Green Citrine, starts at $95

Women's Palm Canyon Collection


(1) Preston - Red Canyon, $145; (2) Wheeler - Revolver Black, starts at $145, (3) Duckworth - Painted Desert, starts at $145.

Men's Palm Canyon Collection


(1) Duckworth - Painted Desert, $145; (2) Winston -  Cognac Tortoise, Sold Out; (3) Winston - Cognac Tortoise, starts at $145