Change of Shoes

Prada_Loft_Nic+Zoe_Mansur Gavriel_Mia_cover A few of my non-blogging friends have asked. Maybe a few of you have wondered. So I am addressing it now. Indeed, I do wear all the outfits you see posted on the blog. I do not put outfits together for the sake of the photos. Every now and then I pre-shoot an outfit (mainly my work get-up) but you bet it gets worn within the week. This actually saves me time at least once a week when I am crazily getting ready for work and wrack my brain over what to wear because I am convinced I have nothing. So there is the blogging truth. Well, part of the truth. You see, there is one thing that does get changed behind the scenes. Most of my photo seshes with the hubs gets built into our weekend schedule. What I mean by that is, we squeeze them in between errands, while we are en route to a friends/family gathering or walking to and from the local flower shop/coffee shop/bakery/etc. So you know those heels I wear? They definitely come off in between destinations. Let's be real. If I have 15 minutes to hit up Whole Foods, I'm putting on my flats to shop, super market sweep style. All I have to do is reach into my bag and pull out a compact pouch that holds a pair of Fit In Clouds flats.

Fit In Clouds

These foldable ballet flats are uber lightweight and compact, barely taking up an purse real estate. I quickly slip them on and as the name suggests, they are as comfy as clouds. Portable, compact and comfy. Oh, and stylish too! What more could a girl ask for? With my new fave denim vest, I think these studded studded beauties add the perfect touch of edge to this girly twirl dress.

Outfit Details:

Aviators: Prada Outlet (old - similar, $145).

Necklace: Bauble Bar: Morse Code Initial Pendant, $36 (but of course, I waited for a sale).

Denim Vest: Loft, $69.50 with 40% off, no code needed. I scored mine during a random online sale at 50% off with free shipping! Loft is very generous with their sales, so I advise not paying full price!

Roman Waves Twirl Dress: Nic +Zoe. Back in April, I stopped by an event at the Nic + Zoe pop-up in the Pru, hosted by the ever so lovely Kristen (The Boston Fashionista). As I left the event, I grammed a photo that won me this lovely dress!

Bucket Bag: Mansur Gavriel. My amazing hubby tracked one down in Cali and had it shipped just in time for this past Christmas!

Black Strappy Sandals: Mia (taylor) from Bloomie's Outlet (old). Although last season, they are available at 6PM, $39.99.

Studded Black Flats: Fit In Clouds, c/o.

Prada_Loft_Nic+Zoe_Mansur Gavriel_Mia

Loft_Nic+Zoe_Mansur Gavriel_Mia

Prada_Bauble Bar_Loft_Nic+Zoe

Mia_Fit In CloudsThe change over begins once the photo sesh is done.

Prada_Loft_Nic+Zoe_Mansur Gavriel_Fit In CloudsThe black studded flats are a perfect match for this outift!

Prada_Loft_Nic+Zoe_Mansur Gavriel_Mia_Fit In CloudsAnd just one more for good measure before we head off to our next destination.

(While this post was sponsored by Fit In Clouds, opinions are my own.)