Chains & Frays

Sauce_Gap_Enzo Anglioni_cover I am hoping that this is the last of my cold weather outfit posts. According to the weather people, it's supposed to warm up this weekend. 60 degrees. Say what? As I am writing this post, it is freezing rain out. So until the sun comes out and I can stop this layering business,it's hard to believe that it is technically Spring. But any-who. Enough about the weather and a little more about this number. I love plaid. I love blazers. So when I laid eyes on this, it was a no-brainer. The frayed edges and chain accents add the perfect amount of edge to a classic silhouette. Add jeans and metallic flats into the equation and I have a perfectly unpolished street chic look. Ta-dah!

Outfit Details:

Chain Cocktail Blazer: Sauce from LIT Boutique. Wait for it....I paid $20 (original tag $144). The Hereford location in Back Bay is the outLIT; nothing in the store is over$100!

Initial Disc Necklace: A friend gave me this last year as a birthday gift. It is made by Angie Columbo Jewelry, $35.

White Button Down: Custom-made in Hong Kong (old). In need of a white button down? Give this BR one a try, $79.50.

1969 Super Stretch Legging Jeans: Gap, 0ld, but always available, $78.

Metallic Flat: Enzo Anglioni (so old). A few updated options: (1) Last Call: BCBG Metallic Flat, $55.30; (2) Last Call: French Sole Amor Metallic Suede Flat, $84.50; and (3) Boden: Silver Metallic Ballerina, $78.

Sauce_Gap_Enzo Anglioni

Sauce_Gap_Enzo Anglioni (2)

Sauce_Gap_Enzo Anglioni (3)

Sauce_Lit Boutique