Bejewel Me Giveaway

I need your input! Here is a sneak peek of a dress I plan on wearing to a wedding reception in February. I have gone through my jewelry trying to choose a necklace to pair with this new dress. It was a fruitless effort since in the end, I decided that I need a new necklace. Ok, maybe I don't need  a new necklace, but I'd sure like one! Here is where you come in. I want your recommendation on what necklace to wear and if I end up choosing it, I'll purchase one for you and one for me! piperlime Here are the rules to enter:

1) Like Trendy On a Budget on Facebook.

2) Subscribe to the blog directly or through Bloglovin.

3) Leave a comment below with a link to your recommended necklace. Here is the challenge. It has to be $15 or less. I'm all about the budget here!

4) Comments with recommended necklace (link) must be posted between 1/24/14 - 1/31/14 (note: if more than one person makes the same recommendation, the first one entered will be selected).

5) One winner will be announced via Instagram, Facebook & Twitter on 2/15/14.