Behind Every Blogger....

Dan the Man Is a great photographer! And lucky for me, mine is my hubby. Without him, my blog would be a lot less colorful. I know taking blog pics is not at the top of his list, but he does it, with a smile (most times). Happy wife, happy life, right? Giving Dad a shout-out too, for being my  stand-in photog when Dan's not around. Aren't dad's just the bee's knees?! I know many bloggers out there are in the same boat. So let's give a shout-out to our boyfriends/husbands/dads/brothers/guy friends who put up with our blogging shenanigans. Thank you, guys, you are totes the bestest! #thankyou Need an easy gift-giving idea to thank your guy? Then look no further than Broquet. This San-Fran based company curates items from awesome brands that will put the man back into manhood. Each Broquet comes complete with manly items that cater to any type of guy.

Is your man a gentleman who enjoys a fine cocktail? Then let me introduce The Red Dawn Broquet.


Is he all about the face, bout the face? No treble. The Colonial Broquet has all his shaving needs.


Bacon. Need I say more? The Smokehouse Broquet brings bacon 6-ways. I wouldn't mind getting this one!


Check out the rest of the Broquets to find that perfectly awesome gift for you guy! But wait, there's more. Enter the giveaway below to win The Smokehouse Broquet!

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