Favorite Find: ROOLEE

roolee skirt.jpg

How many times a day do you swipe past IG ads? I’m constantly swiping past them but for some reason one ad caught my eye. Luckily, it has worked out in my favor. This skirt (which comes in 4 more colors) from Roolee is quite functional as I am able to play with Eleanor in it and not have it look like a mess! I think it’s because of the style of the fabric - kinda crinkly. I’m really loving on this color as we are starting to come up on Fall. I also picked up a second piece - so stay tuned for that one, it’s a good one too (update: see the second item here & here and it can be ordered here!)

Outfit Deets:

Sunglasses: Chanel (via Nordstrom)

Denim Jacket: Gap

Straw Bag: Amerii

Sandals: M.Gemi (old)